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Chief Metaverse Officer Program

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Metaverse Essentials Program




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Beginner level

No background knowledge is necessary.

15 hours to complete

5 weeks at 3 hours a week

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Course program

This is what you will learn throughout the modules of the course

Modules 1, and 2: Introduction to the Metaverse

You will understand what the Metaverse is, what its history is. This knowledge will give you a vision of the opportunity that the Metaverse represents for the market.

Module 3: Benefits of the Metaverse

The Metaverse and Web 3.0 represents a new industrial and technological revolution that will change the needs of companies and the profile of talent, which will be an opportunity for many.

Modules 4, 5 and 6: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

You will understand the virtual ones of the different types of interactions with the virtual world as well as the types of immersive experiences.

Module 7: Blockchain in the Metaverse

Understanding what the Blockchain is is an essential step to understand the depth of the Metaverse, and how thanks to the Blockchain the Metaverse will be a complete virtual world.

Modules 8 and 9: NFTs and Cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse

One of the many virtues of the Blockchain is the possibility of owning digital assets, whether in the form of property or money. This feature brings an unprecedented opportunity to the market.

Modules 10, 11 and 12: Use cases

Descubrirás casos de uso relacionados con el metaverso.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Metaverse

Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to your questions here!

Is it necessary to have knowledge of the Metaverse?

No, this course is perfect if you are curious and want to start by understanding what the Metaverse is and why it is a unique opportunity in the market.

What can I achieve with this course?

With this program you will understand the potential of the metaverse, and the conjunction that involves the blockchain and everything related to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as well as immersive experiences through virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

What benefits will this course bring to my career?

This course is suitable to understand the new business opportunities generated by the Metaverse as an innovative environment, while understanding its global reach and ability to generate a new and greater brand engagement.

I want to dive for the first time and understand what the Metaverse is, is this course for me?

The "Metaverse Essentials" course is an excellent basis for acquiring an overview to understand what the metaverse is and its virtues. Through its modules, the course covers the fundamentals of the metaverse and its associated technologies.

Chief Metaverse Officer Program